Doin‘ well, Raisin‘ Hell

I meet the boys on the day of the show
Ready to rock, ready to go
I’m picking up the guitar rack
Got some beer and a bottle of Jack

Jump in the car, put on the music
Looking for some girls who won’t refuse it

Hear us playing, see us being – Rock ’n’ Roll
We ain’t leaving, we’re just starting – Rock ’n’ Roll

Doin’ well, raisin’ Hell

After the gig hanging out in the club
We keep on drinking and we’ll never stop
Asking out the women, they all say no
But I don’t care, ‘cause I’m so Rock ’n’ Roll

Enjoying ourselves, banging our heads
Born to rock till the day we’re dead

Getting sweaty, talking dirty – Rock ’n’ Roll
Be straight, get laid – Rock ’n’ Roll

Doin’ well, raisin’ Hell

Waking up at 4 p.m.
Fucked up, but I don’t give a damn
My body, it is all smelly
Rubbing my beer belly
Yes, I’m picking up the guitar again
‘Cause I’m a rockin’, rollin’ man