Rock ’n’ Roll Rebel

Well I don’t give a damn
What you think of me
‘Cause you belong to the bastards and I am free
All those bootlickers, assholes
Who set the trends
Wearing fancy clothes
Ain’t making no sense

‘Cause I’m a rebel
I always did what I wanted to do

Ain’t no easy way
But I’m living fast
Blessed by satn
I’m having a blast

Cause I’m a rebel – Rock ’n’ Roll Rebel

Better watch out
Keep your girl in sight
Hold her tight, move her right
Cause I’m your fright
Taking the backseat is not my thing
So come on over baby
And feel my sting

Cause I’m a rebel
And Rock ’n’ Roll’s what pulls me through

Take it from me
I’m living in sin
And this one thing’s for sure
You’re gonna lose and I’m gonna win

Take a look at me
This is what you’ll never be
Let me take it to the spot
I’m hot and you are not

Let me tell you, I’m a rebel – Rock ’n’ Roll Rebel