When things in life are not going well at all, ain’t nothing better than going out with the boys and painting the town red. Forgetting about the struggle for life, having a cold beer and a good time. That’s what Rock ‘n’ Roll is all about and is being celebrated here.


Bus is late on this Friday morning
It’s just what I hate
Boss not amused, he gives me warning
Shit, I gotta work late
Home from work, oh lord, I feel so free
I’ve been slaving all day
And I don’t want to end up in misery
So let’s go out and play

Who’s up for a cold beer?
Boys‘ night out
And everyone’s gonna go
Boys‘ night out
I just want to make it clear
Boys‘ night out

Wiped out completely, I wake up late
Still feel the night in my blood
Right away I feel my life is too short
So I’ll give it all I got
My mind is weak and the flesh is, too
So I’ll jump on that train
There is just only one way to go
To ease my pain