Content-wise, this track could be seen as Off the Beaten Track’s sequel. HARDBONE has followed their own way and as long as there is blood running through their veins, they will continue. This is an energetic pep talk, which drives to expand the own boundaries and march on straight forward.


I won’t surrender
I won’t hesitate
No, I ain’t no pretender
I like to put things straight
I’m still riding down this highway
Nothing’s gonna slow me down
No time, I’ll wait for no one
I ain’t nobody’s fool

As long as there’s blood in my veins
I’ll keep on breaking the chains
So no more complaints, no more fake games
I still got blood in my veins
I’ll keep on breaking the chains
The target remains, I’ll break all these chains

There is no prediction
That’s just the way life goes
Oh no, I won’t be losing
Welcome to my hunting ground
It’s all so overrated
So you better knock it off
No mistake or intervention
The going gets tough

Some gonna win, some got to lose
Some have the party, some got the blues