One of the hip-swinging kind, which revives the classic Boogie. If there is one song on the album, which is alongside its headbanging qualities also danceable, then it is this one. Just as irresistible as womankind, that is being payed homage to. It seems like the dancefloor is just Too Hot to not shake a leg.


You gaze at me through a veil of mascara
I’ve never seen a girl so avant-garde
Whispering your name, no trace of shame
Your thighs tell me this ain’t no game

Your sexy body and your dirty mind
You’re too hot
The hottest find in womankind
You’re too hot

I’ll be the tiger in your tank, there ain’t no way to fight me
I will never give up until we can’t lay no more
I won’t try to resist, I still want that kiss
I ain’t afraid of getting laid, watch this!

The way you walk makes me wanna…
Let’s turn on the heat and let’s see what you’ll find
Put on your red light, baby, we’re gonna fly